Our ultimate core mission is to Bridge the Gap via communication.

With the new technologies seeping in our lives, we are introduced to a buffet of sumptuous varieties to spread effective communication. Being hi-tech for us has developed an urge to give it back to the society in the form of helping to spread important messages to human kind through every possible way.

Our skillful team involved in various fields like health care, event management, research and documentation, copywriting, graphic and web designing, animation strives to offer you/your Company or organization the best of these possible combinations. The unity of these will in turn give rise to a powerful IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) package. We not only concentrate on helping in educative means but also in advertising activities, promotional as well as non promotional activities be it any field of art, entertainment or business.

Our expertise lies in all Medias of communication like audio visual presentations, electronic mediums like designing, animation, film making, event organizing.

The assurance of deliverance of creative innovations, gift-wrapped at your doorstep is what ‘SARJAN COMMUNICATIONS’ promises each of its clients.

A group of professionals evolved in 1999 joined in a process of creation, to taste the feeling of giving life to people’s dream projects. They combined not only the skillful communication technologies but have also sharpened their own skills, offering their clientele the best possible effective solutions.

During our journey of growing and evolution, we have continued to absorb professionals from various fields to join our creative venture and campaign to promote and deliver


Owing to our deep involvement of highly skilled professionals, and creative mindsets of various fields together, our company has a unique advantage of producing and delivering colorful flavors of creativity.

At Sarjan, no one is high or low, we all have an equal standing. A platform is opened up to each one opening up the concept and idea to deliver the best possible output to our clients.

Our associates constantly being upgraded with new skills make us a strong team, helping to offer pristine quality work, helping to offer a plethora of services.

  • To develop Communication material
  • (Conceptualization, Designing & Development of written/Audio Visual)
    • Flash Animation & PowerPoint presentations
    • 35mm Slides, Transparencies
    • Posters, Charts, Pamphlets, Leaflets, Booklets/ Book & other IEC / BCC material
  • To develop Patient Education Program (Customized for your Hospital/ Organizational setup)
  • Consultation on websites
  • Facebook page management
  • To develop Client Counseling Program
  • To offer need based Computer Training Programs for people interested in creating presentations
  • To assist in Documentation & Research, Data Analysis of projects/programs for Governmental/Non Governmental organizations
  • To create e-brochure/brochures (Concept, Design & Development)
  • To write/compile: script / annual report / project proposal
  • To organize awareness program / campaigns / exhibition/ seminars / workshops (Health Care/ Corporate sector)
  • To design projects with Digital Art (+Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw)
  • Designing promotional material for individuals, organizations and conferences
  • Event Management