Infertility Care

Parenthood is every couple’s bliss. They dream of having their bundle of joy, their kids in their hands, playing with them and running around with them, having them with them for the rest of their lives. Watching their kid grow is an ecstatic experience for each parent. They feel like they are re-living their childhood. But every couple journey to parenthood is not the same, they sometimes need proper guidance and medical treatment to fulfill their dreams of having children which is hindered by infertility issues in either of the partner.

Sarjan offers treatment for both male and female infertility related problems. Till date we have been instrumental in fulfilling the dreams of parenthood for many childless couples.

We at Sarjan offer comprehensive support right from consultation, counseling to best in call medical treatment. Consultation and counseling with computer aided presentation helps in better understanding for patients. Each couple is given dedicated time slot for about 45 minutes to add more clarity about the facts and answer all their doubts and queries.

We offer Ultra Sound Evaluation for Female Reproductive System (FSR) and ovulation study. For FSR evaluation and tubal factor evaluation diagnostic and laparoscopic services are available. Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) for male factor infertility has helped many of our patients.

Infertility is a medical problem with a lot of social stigma attached to it. We offer not only medical care, but along with it we offer emotional and social counseling to the couples and their families. We try our best to create a comfort zone for the couples and their families to support them in every way we can. We help couples enjoy parenthood with positivity in any given situation.