Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage brings about a radical change in the life of a man and women who tie knot to become a couple. The journey from HE/ SHE, I and ME to “WE”

“Many people spend more time planning the wedding them they do planning the MARRIAGE” -Zig Zagler.

For every small or big occasion we plan our dresses in advance. We scan through various options of clothes for various occasions just to get the one which suits us the best for which we take option from the fashion designer or our stylist who an expert for that.But how many of us consult a gynecologist to get the various options and methods of contraception?? Put aside asking a doctor, how many couples discuss, talk to each other and decide what they will do.

In our society we are very hesitant to talk about a lot of things like periods, sex and contraception to our family members and near-dear ones. Thus pre marital counseling becomes boon for couples who will take a step towards their new life.

At Sarjan Healthcare, couples are explained about their bodies; the changes (emotional, physical, and psychological) and how our body reacts to each, which might help them plan their lives in a better way. They are given suggestions on how they can enjoy the pleasures of married life without the fear of becoming affected & avoid unwanted pregnancy.

We make sure that the session is interactive and all the questions of the couples are answered properly. We use various presentations and videos for better understanding.


Teenage Counseling

The girl cries!
“Nobody Loves me.”
“Nobody understands me at home”

The mother is worried!
“My Daughter does not listen to me.”
“She has stopped talking properly to us.”

Such statements are not rare around us, we get to hear them a lot of times. And all the events which follow will depend on how do you dear with them Now!!!

Children in their Formative years are Flexible and if their energies are channelized and good values are imbibed into them they will lead a Happy & Successful life. But one thing that we have learnt with time is that children listen to what we say more when we are talking to them instead of instructing them. If you fell that your child’s behaviour is unacceptable and you notice this over a course of time instead of trying to tame them your way first try to go the root cause of the issue and understand why they started to behave this way in the first place. They may be under peer pressure or performance pressure; they might be lying because they are scared of the truth. The issues are many now it’s on us how we deal with the situation.

We at Sarjan try to ignite the young minds in true sense by understanding their likes, hobbies passion etc. We give a few of them books/music according to their liking which has helped many teens so far in achieving the lost balance in life. We encourage them to take up a creative hobby and follow their passion. We make sure that there is a proper follow up for the same.

We also organize various seminars and interactive sessions on teen health, like skill education , communication skills etc.

We run a social initiative named Teen Connect since 16 June 2013, under which we do a lot of activities for teenagers. To know more about the same please connect with us on